Our aim is to provide comprehensive solutions for the purchase of pharmaceutical raw materials, packaging materials, and materials for quality control laboratories, all of which are essential for your Company’s or Laboratory’s production.

Each customer and product is different and requires particular attention, it is for this reason that we have teamed up with specialists for each area: starting with specialists for the search of the requested product, specialist in the technical information, and quality certificates, all of which are tested and approved by our customers. Once tested and agreed upon by the customer, the requested product is left in the hands of the foreign commerce and administration area.


- Analysis and verification of purchase orders placed by customers.
- Compilation of instructions for the provider on the special characteristics and requirements of the ordered goods.
- Analysis of the goods and their respective customs regulations in order for the clients to speed up customs clearance.

- Tracking of shipments, and request, revision and forwarding of documentation to speed up the paperwork for the arrival of the goods, saving time for its prompt dispatch.

- Verification of the purchase and availability of the product, according to the requested quality, while coordinating the shipment with the costumer so that it is received timely and in due form.
- Forwarding of documentation and certificates of the goods requested by the client.
- Follow up of the payment schedule agreed with the client.

We work as a team with customers and their needs day in and day out, all year round, clearing doubts, anticipating the requirements of each shipping and solving all kinds of difficulties and challenges that may arise from any purchase, shipping, dispatch, or documentation. We seek to satisfy our clients and to become part of their team.